Friday, October 5, 2007

Pealicious Friday ?!

So the kids didn't eat their oatmeal so well this morning.
I'm putting away scrap goodies and walk in to the noise of peas dropping on the kitchen floor.
frozen peas.

I mopped yesterday... is it ok to let the kids eat off the floor then?
hahaha oh well. I'm sure a lil extra dirt will help keep them healthy!
On another note, our oldest DD Katelyn asked me yesterday while I was scrubbing cupboards, "Mom, when did you start to LIKE boys?"
HUH? umm rewind please.
Yep.. she asked.
Without a beat I said, "Oh, around 11 or 12."
So my DD will be turning 11 in 13 days. Eleven.
and she likes her arch nemesis since 2nd grade named, Graham.
I'm glad she felt she could come to me and ask me :)
Happy Friday - I have some peas to pick up.


  1. NO. I don't even want to THINK about when my boys start liking girls!!! Aaaagh!! Can't they stay little forever, Leah?! lol.

  2. uh oh...crush time! Too cute. Innocent crushes are adorable, but keep it that way, LOL! Have fun with the "pea situation".

  3. Too cute - he looks like he is having a good time :)


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