Thursday, October 18, 2007

Happy Birthday darlin!

We're having a sleepover birthday party tomorrow for Katelyn.
wow. just have to let it sink in a bit.
nope.. not working.
and... bra's now too?
next we'll be shaving legs and oh man the (.)
Life is moving way to quick.
I love you Katelyn!!


  1. OMG this (.) totally cracked me up for some reason! My daughter is only 7 and I am already dreading the bras and the leg shaving. And the boyfriends. I'm already getting the attitude!


  2. LOL, loved this post, Leah!! Happy Birthday, Katelyn!! I guess one good thing about three boys is I don't have to deal with this (.)!!! (((LOL!)))

  3. OMG leah 11 and bra shopping already!!I was such a rebel and refused to wear a bra!!! Happy Birthday Katelyn hope you had a great day!!!

    and Leah you've been tagged baby check out my blog for the da details!


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