Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

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I love Halloween!! Iwould like to stay home and hand out candy, but DH is too good to walk up to the doors with the kids, and wants to leave Cameron out of it this year. Not fair. Samantha went last year, and so Cameron will go at the same age too - no staying home to hand out candy for me. Samantha & Cameron are going as little girl & boy dinosaurs, and Miss Katelyn is a witch or something like that. *snicker* I forget, she keeps changing her mind!
Oh, which reminds me I need to charge the Camera batteries! eeks, don't want to forget that.
The competition over at SGK is rocking!
These ladies are really working their skillz in this contest.
This weeks song picks are tough too. I need to get working on the next 5 weeks work. Can't believe October is almost over. I'm always amazed how time flies, and I always talk about it! lol

I love the wall cling above. Christine from TallyScrapper sent this to me in the mail. I promised I'd put it up. It's now sitting above the mantle in the front room. I look up and I get to see it. It instantly puts a smile on my face.

On a sad note (notice I go from one emotion to the next?) and I mean really sad, depressing, heart aching/wrenching painful note - Our Guest DT member @ TallyScrapper this month tragically lost her husband. So swift, unexpected, mind numbing.. I cry thinking about it. I would hate hate to have to go through that, and wish I could do something to help her out. Keep Staci C in your prayers, and if you can donate to the family, check out her blog and donate.

So much more to talk about, but I have to get off here and do something around this house.


  1. Happy Halloween! Love the quote and it looks good! Have fun trick r treating!

  2. Love the quote!!!i want one :(
    love this song too thanks for sharing!!


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