Friday, October 12, 2007

ok, so it went by pretty quick

- the week that is.. after tuesday night.
Hard to believe it's Friday now. hahaha
It's 6:08 PM and I need to get up and make dinner. I just dont' wanna! Need to find out where the hubby wants to go eat at, cuz it's not looking good in the cookingsomethingfordinnerdept!

Some recent work.
*this kid*
no PP! crazY

*guilty pleasure*
my love for starbucks :O)

Whooo luv's ya *2
I took this transparency and created two layouts with it.

flip it over

and a welcome sign for my front door using SR chipboard flower.

Ok.. I've procrastinated long enough!


  1. i love that transparent layout...great job.....
    Robin (tqmnurse) tallyscrapper friend

  2. Leah I love your layouts, thanks for the inspiration.

  3. your new layouts .....are rockin' girl!!! send some of that way!!!!!

  4. LOVE LOVE the transparency LO!so great i so want to do one!love how you used both sides brillant idea girl!;)love the Starbucks ove the colors and all the goodies on it!

  5. DUDE!!
    that transparency layout ROCKS!!

  6. Holy CRAP that transparency layout is fantastic! You ROCK



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