Friday, March 9, 2012

Funtastic Friday!!!

I had such a FUN, but BUSY day today.
Wish my little princess a Happy 7th Birthday!!
 Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday Dear Samanthaaaaaaaaaa
Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!
She was so excited.
I picked up Samantha and Cameron early from school at 11 and we went to an early lunch at Golden Corral, both their favorite restaurant next to iHop. ;)
Then we hit up the dollar store for some fun, and came home to unwrap one gift.
Then daddy came home from work, and we took them to Build a Bear!

Cameron chose this little cute blue doughnut bear with sprinkles.. he named him Fluffy, and he says "I love you!"
I will get better photos later, and have some photos from inside Build a Bear on my phone.
Neither child had ever been there before, and they each had a gift card to the store from their birthday.. (Thank you cousin Shelly and Amy!!)

Why ever did we wait so long to go??
I Just LOVE the little heart process.
Almost made me tear up.. am I silly? lol

Samantha chose the purple peace bear, named her Candy, and she plays part of the song, "I want Candy!" :) She hasn't put her Candy down since we brought her home.
After the mall we swung by two other restaurants that were slammed packed on a Friday night, and Samantha said.. fineeee let's go to KFC. So we did and ate inside (something we rarely do) and we all had a great time.
Back home to unwrap a couple more gifts, and the kids have fallen asleep while watching Marley and me the puppy years. :)
It's hard to believe my sweet little girl is now a 7 year old.
I keep saying it.. time flies!
Have a fantastic weekend my friends!
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  1. Cuteeeeeeeee photos!! Happy birthday to your princess!!! Now we have two birthdays in common... today is my Aunt's 82nd birthday!!

  2. Happy birthday to Samantha, such a lovely photo of a clearly very happy little girl. I love the bear she chose too. I have never been to Build a Bear :-)

  3. Happy Birthday to your cutie! She looks so happy! ;)


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