Monday, August 11, 2008

300th post

Woah nelly. Who knew I could jabber so much?
Shut up Doug! ;o)

The Olympic teams over @ Tally are really wowing me. I love the new setup Nerd has made there to allow groups on the board.. quite amazing. Here's my take on HO's challenge.. theme: torch bearer & something with flames. I set my damn layout on fire.. was the coolest technique I've tried yet.. love it! Also, this was done with the August kit from TallyScrapper. LOVE this kit.. geared towards boy yet still works for girls too.

And, the new Gutter Girlz prompt comes out on the 15th.
Want a peek or 3?
Yeah, I'm feeling adventurous today!

I have mounds of work to do, so I'm out for now.
You still have until the 14th to get the current challenge in at Gutter Girlz.. it's a AWESOME one! Check it out!


  1. woah! you lit it on fire! so cool!
    Happy 300th!

  2. girl you are over flowing with mojo scrappiness!!love your PS I love yo the colors are great and {heart}the picture -r u sending me a smoochie- :) how awesome that you have your own pickles!!enjoy them i LOVE me some pickles :)

  3. LOVE LOVE what you did with the Duct Tape!!


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