Sunday, August 3, 2008

peaches n maters

Woke up with the kids this morning and fed them, made sure to remind them about picking up their toys after they were done playing with them... decided to go to my mom's house to help her pick peaches. Figure she would give me a few to bring home if I helped. Surprisingly, Doug wanted to go along with us... and my mom did give me some peaches to bring home... along with some tomatoes.. ours aren't doing so hot.

Kids had a fun time hanging at grandma's and papaws for an hour..

we then headed over to Office Max. No tax weekend, plus they had a brown grocery bag, everything you could stuff in it would be 15% off.. we stuffed that sucker with a new lunch and sachet bag, 5 binders, 2 composition books, pens, mechanical pencils, reinforcers, pencil case, highlighters, and a few other odds and ends.

Came home with Whopper king for lunch and put the kids to bed for nap. After nap and a movie with Doug, we made dinner, sent the kids out to the pool, and made mad passionate... TOMATO juice in the kitchen *snort*.. yeah, like we have time for that @ 7 in the evening. ;) We canned 7 quarts of juice.. chili is gonna be goood this fall/winter.. I can't wait to make it!

I'll be busy in the kitchen tomorrow doing more canning... I'm sure this subject will bore you quickly, but we're quite enjoying the process of preserving the food we've grown. :) Dude - we must be growing up.

It's late, and I need my beauty rest.


  1. Passionate tomato juice!!!! Ooooohhhhh steamy!

  2. Just wanted to say that I think you are one of the coolest, most creative people ever!! :0)

  3. ooh...send me some

  4. Sounds like you are really enjoying your garden and canning everything!

  5. ohh yumm! peaches sound good right now!

  6. i love that you grow your own food. i'm so jealous. how can i do something like that here? sigh.

  7. Can't wait to see that photo on a page!! :)

  8. I think it is awesome that you are canning so much - I bet your tomato juice is better than awesome!

  9. Oooo, tomato juice may "do it" for you, but office supplies are what gets me HOT!!! Tell me more about those binders, baby! lol


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