Wednesday, July 4, 2007

I've been tagged

by Linda.

Here's the deal:
1-post these rules
2-each person tagged must post 8 random(... hopefully interesting) facts about themselves
3-tags should write a blogpost of these facts
4- at the end of the post 8 more bloggers are tagged and named
5-go to their blog and leave a comment telling them they're taggedMoi...

As you wish.. ;)

1. My cell phone is lime green and I think I want a muscle car when I'm older with the same color

2. I ate birthday cake for breakfast this morning... the kids ate it too.

3. I hate fake nails right now. Their way too long and I'm having a hard time typing, and I especially hate when anything gets under the nails.. so hard to get the stuff out!

4. I love when my family goes grocery shopping with me, but hate they play around and goof off in the store. Guess they can't win for losing ;)

5. I'm passing on the hate of DISHES. I always had to do the dishes growing up, and now that my DD is older she does the dishes at least 4 times a week. I hate hate dishes, and I think she will too once she grown! LOL

6. I always say Bless You when someone sneezes, even if I don't know them.

7. I get heartburn after eating meatballs, lemon chicken, & cucumbers... must be because I'm getting older.

8. I love being on a DT, but often think I'm not in the same league with my dt buds.. their work is phenomenal and mine is more, ehhhhhhhh.

Ok, that's my eight. Now to find who I can tag. Ah... I'm too lazy.. guess I broke rule #4!


  1. I loved your cake---I neeeeed a piece for breakfast too!!!!

    And an FYI---you do amazing amazing amazing work---you have your own sense of style which I envy. Girlie you hold you own for sure!!!

    Big hugs and a happy birthday!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Leah girl!!
    sounds like you had a GREAT day
    it sounds like you did!!
    the cake looks yummy!!!
    you've been tagged but it looks like someone already beat me to it but too late! i already posted you on my blog baby :)check it out!


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