Friday, July 20, 2007

Doug got a nose job

Nothing cosmetic though, hehe. Poor thing had some work done to help with sinuses and sleep apnea, we're hoping we'll see a big improvement down the road. He's off work til Monday without any responsibility other than making sure he sneezes with his mouth open, no bending over, and not lifting anything heavy. I could handle that ;)

Here's my 2nd scrapjack for July. I'm so not a white space person, so this was really a tough jack for me! You can click it to see the larger image.


  1. This is great! I love those fireworks shots!

  2. Leah you totally rOcK'd this scrapjack!love it you did great with your 'white'space!

  3. Hope Doug is feeling better!

    Leah, I am so glad you are over at TS with me as well as WT! Take care!

  4. I just adored this page, you did a great job with the scrapjack!! Awesome!


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