Sunday, July 1, 2007

dang pool

I mentioned in another post that sometimes the pool is more trouble than what it's worth... and it's dang expensive too! I just got the water bill $70. CraZy! Well, I did the patch job, and the liner went back in place last week. Last thursday we went to my mom's for dinner and we left the water on in the pool - thank goodness Doug didn't want to go with us and was home. Katelyn remembered we left the water on, so we called Doug to shut it off. It was about 1 1/2 inches from the top of the rail. I go out this morning on the back deck to have a smoke, and notice the pool is noisy, barely enough water covering the return. WTH?!! It has not been hot enough to evaporate that much water. So, we put the water hose back in the pool. Guess we'll be monitoring this today to see if we can find the leak. Ridiculous! It's too early in the season yet to close it, but still, too expensive to keep adding water every 2 days. It's a fast leak wherever it is. *sigh*

On a better note, I've been spending quite a lot of time elsewhere on the net, I just found this place reading Shirley's blog. It's called TallyScrapper. A great community for scrapbookers (aren't they all?) but there's a twist there. I won't tell... click the LINK. :)

I rarely make cards, I'm just not a card maker. I think I need a class or something... LOL
But here is one I made the other day for my friend Stephanie. Her brother is in the hospital, and I've been thinking of him. I can't remember the details of his sickness (think radiation treatments) but not only is he dealing with that... so much more. He likes the GD, at least he used to when he was younger, and I found this wicked cool graphic on the net. So I had to throw it on a card. Now to mail it.. :)

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  1. I didn't start making cards until recently, but now I am addicted! Great job with the one you made.


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