Saturday, August 5, 2006

{Snapshots of Saturday} August 5

Wow, where did the week go?? It feels like I just did this a few days ago.

Doug, the babies, and I are getting sick. Went to bed last night feeling kinda yucky. You know sometimes you just get that feeling like you're coming down with something? It was much worse when I woke up this morning. Haven't done anything today except play with babies and run to wal-mart. Oh, we got sam a POTTY chair!! Had to put it on the credit card.. but we will try it out. She was playing with it this evening, kept sitting down on it, lifting the lid up, sitting down again... funny stuff. I'll get pics of that soon.

These I took before morning naps :)

Sam playing with her raggedy ann doll. Katelyn figured out Sams 3-6 month clothes will fit on this doll. Katelyn dresses the doll up, and Sam undresses her :)

Cameron fighting sleep... he loves this swing. He's getting so heavy, his bottom is almost touching the ground now... won't be able to use it much longer!

My shar-pei Weiner. Sometimes it's hard to remember her real name is Serina. On her papers it is Serina Weiner Crowe... too funny. I don't think she hardly knows her real name anymore. Her birthday is coming up in October, she'll be 8 years old. She's a good girl.


  1. This are fabulous photos!!!!! Good luck with the potty chair!!!

  2. Love the photos!! Cute dog and even cuter kids!! Good luck with the potty training!! :0)

  3. What a cute family, pooch included!!



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