Tuesday, August 1, 2006

~challenge~ My scrap space

This challenge comes from Lisa.

What's the best thing about your scrapping space? It can be how your organized, it can be where your room is located, anything about your scrap space that makes you love it.

Oh, I guess the best thing about my scrap space right now, is also the worst thing about it. It's out in the open in my sun room. Samantha my rambunctious 16 month old loves getting into my drawers and pulling stuff out. Drives me insane like. Some days she is really good about not touching, but most days she in those drawers like white on rice! The good part about my space being in the sunroom, is I don't have to wait for Doug to get home to scrap. If Sam is playing good, and Cameron is chillin', I can start a project and finish when they go down for a nap. Wish I could get inspired to scrap... but it's too hot. Yeah, this is more about what I don't like I think. There's no AC in the sun room, so when the temps are in the high 90's, you sweat your booty off in there! It's like a oven.
Here's a glimpse of my drawers, oh and my lil trouble maker Samantha ;) I will be happy once I get my own room for scrapping... it will be wonderful!!

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  1. Cute! Your little heathen ready to get into your scrap stuff. LOL

    I'm so ready for cooler weather!! But it's cool you can scrap and not have to wait for your DH to get home.


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