Monday, August 7, 2006

$56 drink

The below story actually happened about 1 month ago.. I'm just now getting to the layout ;)

Doug put an ad in the newspaper for the weekend to sell one of our laptops and 2 monitors. So anyway, he got a phone call about the laptop. He asks the guy to meet him down at our corner convenience store. Doug gets down to the store and the guy gets out of his car and sets his drink on the hood of Doug's car.

Doug pulls out the laptop for the guy to boot up and look at, and next thing you know, Doug picks up the drink off the hood of his car, opens up this guys drink and takes a big ol sip. Brand spanking new drink and Doug opens her on up. HILARIOUS!! The guy just started laughing and then BAMMO Doug realizes what he did. (Where's the hysterical snorting smiley when you need it? )

He came home so red in the face. So we're calling it the $56 dollar drink. hahaha Ok.. what's your most ever dumb can't believe you JUST did THAT embarrassing moment?

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