Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I made a list

I always have the hardest time doing things around the house without a list. I mentally keep track in my head what needs to be done, but as a born procrastinater I can talk myself out of doing the thing(s) that need done. Then, I am really great at nagging myself and driving myself a bit batty in the process, therein lies my need for a list. Once the list is made up and in hand, I feel like I can accomplish what's on there.

So is it bad it's around 24 lines long? A lot of the list is Doug's to do, but he's as bad or worse than I am about getting things finished up, so I make his lists too. We still need to put the molding around the attic stairs that we put in place back in November, move Katie downstairs, buy things for little man, get the nursery complete... I could seriously go on and on.

I took Katelyn to the dentist today, she was a little nervous about going. It's a new dentist for us, but I have to say I love how they made us feel at ease immediately. I picked them out over the phone last month for Doug to go to, and he loved them. They pulled all of his wisdom teeth, and even though he's a bit sore yet, he still raved about them.

So the technician talks to us out in the lobby, and Katelyn decided she would go in there on her own. Back out in 30 minutes to the great news of NO cavities :) I'm so proud of her for taking care of her teeth.

Her uncle Bubby (he's 12 and an uncle by marriage only) has had 3 teeth pulled due to cavities. My mom is actually married to his dad, and as bad as it is, they BOTH wear dentures, are in the 50's (his dad in his early 40's) and don't make him brush his teeth. Considering they both have lost their natural teeth due not taking care of them, you would think they would instill the knowledge and the importance of good oral hygiene.

Who am I kidding anyways? My mom NEVER took me to a dentist as a kid growing up. My husband has basically taught me the skills needed in order to keep my teeth healthy. I am going to the dentist for the 1st time in April after I have little man. I'm so nervous about going. I'm sure I will have a zillion cavities, have to have root canals, and basically have them tell me I am better off without my real teeth. :( Ack! I so need to stop worrying about that as it's month away from now.

Katelyn and Doug went out to Dairy Queen a little over 40 minutes ago, I hope they didn't get lost. I see both cell phones sitting next to me on the table, so no chance Doug can call me to find out where he needs to be, LOL (he is so not good at finding his way around, and after living here 10 years already, lol)

I have my list, gonna check it twice and chow for now.

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