Monday, January 16, 2006

Woo to the hoooooo

Yes I am feeling quite silly this morning. My list has helped tremendously... it has actually motivated Doug and I to get our booties in gear and get our house in order. Sunday we spent the morning at my mom's playing aggravation until Katelyn came home from church. The bus picks her up over there each Sunday.

We come home around 1pm and get moving. I think something may have crawled up our butts to be honest with you. I got Samantha in the High Chair and had her start lunch. I vacuumed the front room again, and started shampooing the carpet.

Samantha was pretty mad she couldn't get down on the floor and help me, she LOVES the vacuum and hasn't had a chance to play with the shampooer yet . I think I will let her help me in the dining room later this week. My sciatic nerve is all wonky from the carpet cleaning, but I don't care how much pain I am in now... I love having a clean carpet!!

YES! We are motivated, and that's not all. Doug decided not to put his pool table back up in this house. He's going to wait until we move in the next year or two so we can buy a house that will actually fit our family. We had no idea we would have 2 more babies in 2 1/2 years when we bought this place *S* it makes me happy though.

So, Doug offered Katelyn the option of having the whole basement to herself with a wide open floor plan, or wait two more months and get a bedroom built with walls and have it sectioned off for more privacy. She likes the open floor idea... so they started moving her bed, dresser, night stand, desk, and toys down last night. She's proud as can be. She worked right alongside daddy last night, and has been down there all morning organizing and making it her own. We still will have to buy an armoir or make a closet for hanging up school clothes. For now, she can continue to use the closet in her old bedroom until we figure something out.

Getting this started has eased a lot of worry off my shoulders.... not all, but a lot!

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