Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sweets for my sweets

Happy Valentines Day!!
I don't know what's come over me this year, but I felt the need to actually
make this day special for my family.
It's a good thing... we just don't normally celebrate it except for
giving the littles valentines to take to school.

This is two years in a row we hand made the valentines... but I'm thinking I didn't get a picture of one. *crud* They turned out super cute, and both Samantha and Cameron were soooo excited to hand theirs out this morning.  I'm so thankful Samantha was well enough to go to school today. She was still a tiny feverish.. but she insisted she went, so I agreed.

Anywhooo *grins*
I got my butt out the door not long after the kids and hubs went to work and ran for some valentine candy. I was really hoping they would have marked some down.. but no, they wait for the last minute crazies like myself who do not think ahead.
Well HAHA.. I had a $5.00 coupon plus a 20% off my total purchase at CVS.. totally used that bad boy and walked out of there spending only $12 on specialty candies.

I divvy that up 4 ways, I think I've dun gooood. :) :) :)

So, you know I've been really using the heck out of my Cameo lately.
Hubs got mine at Christmas over at Fotobella. I loveeee their customer service!!! Cher is the best there. <3 Where was I?

Look what I found in the silhouette store
Totally cute.
Well, I made some today!! Got done just in time too, because the littles will be home soon, giving me just enough time to hide them and wait til everyone else comes home to hand them out. :)

Here are mine
From left to right: Doug, Katie, Samantha, and Cameron
I thought I was being clever making the birdie wings. I cut 2 extra feathery belly parts out to make the wings. *flap flap flap*

The pupils were pop dotted on the eyes, and the girls got handy dandy little bows.

I hope you all have a fabulous Valentines day, whether you celebrate it or not. :) :)

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