Saturday, February 25, 2012

I love vinyl!!

Happy Birthday day!!!
Today is the day the irish twins (Samantha & Cameron) have
been longing for. We held their combined party today from 2-4.
It was fun to hang with family.. all cousins, but we never get to see them that
often, so it was good. We had hotdogs n chips n soda n cupcake n icecream. :)
I have been working my Cameo Silhouette to the bone! In the last 24 hours it has made 8 aluminum vinyl water bottles from the dollar store. Made 8 goody boxes by printing and cutting. Made pencil toppers. (although a little too large.. so I have no photos of them)
Made birthday hats and
Personal cupcake stands.
and it has been FUN!

 The graphics I used on these water bottles came from Clip Art Designs Copyright Graphics Factory. 
Having a membership there made putting these water bottles together a snap.

Not shown are Samantha, Cameron's, and Katelyn's bottles.
All the kids loved their water bottles.

I used Easter grass for the tops of the party hats!

 Me putting out the chips. :)
I love all the balloons hanging from the ceiling.
Aren't those cupcake stands darling??
I found those in the silhouette store. (cupcake stand)
They actually held up well with just medium weight pattern paper and put together using my Scotch ATG.

 Don't ask what these two were doing.. hehe
Sweet baby Morgan and Doug. :)
The little birthday darlings made out like little bandits.
It was a great day! Thanks to everyone who made it to the party!
I'm soooo looking forward to some down time tonight and tomorrow. :)
Have a happy crafty weekend!
PS. I'm linking up to WIP here. :)
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  1. HOW FUN!!!! I loveeeee the photos!!

  2. have been busy! Great birthday hats and good idea for the water bottles! Happy Birthday, kids!


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