Wednesday, August 24, 2011

VOTE Leah for Guest ODD girl

Happy Wednesday friends.  The week is flying by. Little did I know I would actually umm kinda like my time home alone. I still miss my children, but this is mental health time for me.. and I needed it. I'm happy. I have more energy when they get home. It's a good thing having the littlest one school with his big sisters. I get even MORE hugs and love and kisses now.. so it's all good.

Cameron is doing well.  On his first day of school he colored a picture that said Welcome to Kindergarten. He also packed that day and left his mario lunch bag at school. lol

Look what I received in my email this morning. Archivers now has an online store!!! Yippie.  Here's a link to the coupon I received.

Tuesday, I scrapped all day. I was productive. I got three layouts finished up and I have one left to go.  I'm throwing my hat in the Bella Blvd DT Call. You'll never know unless you try.. so check the call out!!! I love all their lines!!

You have to create 4 never before seen projects in the call you are applying for. I'm going to try for layouts.. it's just what I do.  They said nothing about showing sneak peeks.. so I'm going to post a couple sneakies.

sneak peek 1
sneak peek 2
sneak peek 3
On to one more piece of exciting NEWS. Remember this tag?
 I had entered into a contest to be a guest designer for Some Odd Girl Stamps on their Facebook group. Surprising to me, my tag is in the top 10 running for the Guest DT.

It is based off votes though, and I am really behind. Any support you could lend me would be fabulous.

To help, go to the album HERE, then beneath the tag of your liking, write the word "VOTE" in the comments. (You may have to 'like' the group first before you can vote) I would LOVE it if you chose my tag to vote for, but honestly, vote for the one you LOVE the mostest!!!! I still have to vote, and I am not voting for myself.. all the tags are gorgeous.

Thank you so much, and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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  1. Good luck Leah it's adorable I finally figured how to do it.. lol.. Hugs and I miss ya.. I heard you are new CD at Tally I'll have to catch up...

  2. i got the archivers email too not good trying not to look!!soo tempting!!
    good luck on the Bella Blvd if they don't take ya their CRAZY!!!
    best of luck my EFT!! so proud of you making top 10 on SOG Guest Designer!!!holla!!

  3. Loving the sneaks and good luck with the call!!! Off to vote for you! :):):):):):):):):):):)


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