Thursday, August 11, 2011

Coloring is FUN!

Goodness, why ever did I resist Copics for soooo soooooo sooo long???
Ok.. initially the price is an issue... but boy, do I love them!!!
Is it bad I want every single color made?
and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna need some refill colors soon... especially with enticing challenges/contests such as posted by Some Odd Girl.

Here's my second entry into the Facebook Guest DT Contest.
I used Big Pressie Tia from Some Odd Girl.
I thought she was so bright n sassy, I just love her expression... so I created another Tia and mirrored her in Photoshop. Sweet isn't it?

I've been doing some back to school shopping at Kmart, and I have to tell ya, Route 66 has THE best clothing tags. Their perfect for upcycling.  
I've been covering these cutie in Paper. Today's tag is using Echo Park's Summer Days Collection. All the bright happy colors is perfect for a Birthday Tag.

Another perfect way to use all you can in your collection kits.. check out the front sheet of packaging.

In that little section I cut away had the cloud that is on the front of my Birthday Tag, and also a mini banner that I put on the back of the tag.

Another fun thing to note with these papers, is on the manufacturer strip, there's some nice patterns going on there too.. check it.
I cut one of those out and accordion folded it on the front of my tag as well.  I'm doing all I can to use it all up and let none go to waste. :)
Psst... here's the backside of the card.

Wanna see something else cute?
Actually, it's quite rotten.. and involves my handsome hubs and extremely cute pug.
I guess she felt like she wasn't getting all the attention she deserved from mom (me), so she went over to daddy begging to let her up.  Normally, she's content to sleep in his lap while gaming.. not today. 
and not until she had his complete attention
What I didn't capture is hubs leaning over scratching the puggy ears and giving her a kiss. ;)

PS. Don't forget about the TallyScrapper Crop posted HERE for Aug 12-14. Challenges are due by the 21st. Spread the word!!

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  1. That tag is sooooooooooooooooooo fun!! I loveeeeeeee the fun colors and the stamps!! Thanks sooooo much for visiting me... I am following you now!! Your work is awesome...and loving those CUTE photos! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. word up your tag is flipping fab girl!!i love copics too i want every color wish i had an endless supply of $ ready for this weekend get my scrap on!


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