Saturday, May 14, 2011

Catching up

Where do I start? Let's see.
let me out - copycat of Hamburger
Doug and I got our iMac's on March 17th. Since then, it's been a world of learning for me.  For the most part, everything has been a breeze to understand. Mac is pretty darn intuitive as far as getting you connected and back to basics.

Then comes the scrapbooker/photographer side of me. iMac and my Epson R1900 are not playing well together. The jerks. Both are big ticket money items and I would expect better from Mac. Evidently, the only real way to get Mac and Epson to play nice together is to go out and buy a calibration kit for the Mac. Then what I see on my screen will be correct, thus my printing will be accurate. If and when I order that, and my prints are not correct, I'm liable to throw one or both big ticket items out the new front door Doug installed.

The new front door is faaaabulous baby! The top half drops down and there is a screen on a roller. So has the glass slides down, so does the screen. I've been enjoying the spring weather leaving the front door open and that lovely nifty not let any bugs in the house screen open. *insert joyful face here*

Doug and I have been on a coffee kick. We've been ordering from Green Mountain Coffee. Our current loves are German Chocolate Cake (mine) and Wild Blueberry (his); Katelyn loves Glazed Chocolate Donut.. and all these are great made as iced coffees too. (yum)
new do
My Scrapbox arrived a few days before the Macs did. There was a hustle n bustle of getting my scrap supplies cleared out of old iris carts, and organizing it in the new scrapbox.  I do love that thing.  I promise a more in depth review of mine very soon.

Our bedroom furniture came around March 23rd. The day before it was to be delivered, I got a hair up my but and decided to paint the bedroom gray. It's gorgeous! I need to still buy curtains for that room. I either want to accent in red or green... not sure yet, which is why I haven't bought curtains. Oh, and there's one other problem... I really don't know how to buy curtains. LOL  The sizes I have are not the sizes on the market. I don't get how I'm suppose to make this work. Can someone fill a clueless girl in please?

That was all March.
found the golden egg
The first couple weeks of April was getting use to the Mac, cleaning up from the bedroom and scrap/computer room overhauls and some major cleaning, Easter and the children's Spring break. Then Easter and Mother's Day starts eating away at my brain.  I know Samantha had been 'secretly' making me Mother's Day cards, and that made me smile. Then BAM, as soon as I even thought about being happy that I am their mommy, I would think about how my Mom is no longer with us. How I won't be able to make her anything for Mother's Day this year. I couldn't remember what I had made her last year.. that's the thing about Blogs. If you use them regularly, you have a wealth of information at your fingertips if you brain gets a little foggy like mine. I was able to see what I made my mom last year here.

Being without her... well, words can hardly express how much it hurt.. how much it hurts to type this. I've really had a hard time losing her. For some reason, I really thought I would bounce back quicker. Heck, I'm just now (the last two weeks) started regularly cooking again at home like I used to. I think she took a big piece of me with her when she left... I just keep hoping and praying her soul is at peace, and that she's in a better place.

So April was pretty much half work, half pity party.
But I'm back.
spring break picnic
I hope I don't stumble too much more this year.
A big thank you to all the ladies inquiring about me. Looking after me from online. It really means a lot that you thought of me during your busy lives as well.
I am trying to find laughter everyday, so it's a HAPPY day.

And May.
New bikes from Easter.
new bikes for easter
New missing teeth.
More missing teefers
New perspective on life.
easter - let me out!
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  1. awe Leah so see you have blogged you have been on my mind as I know you & I are on the same emotional rollercoaster with losing ourMoms this yeaR!Mother's day was a tough one gosh i was dreading it coming up!! I think of you often wish we where closer would be great to give each other a hug so i am sending you a BIG hug!!!your kids have grown so much they are beautiful II can remember when Cam & Sam where so small now they are riding bikes!!Oy vey crazy how fast they grow!!love ya girl i will talk with you soon!


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