Friday, May 27, 2011

I had sent a message via SMS to update my blog.. only the good Lord above knows where that message is now, because it didn't pop up here.

So yeah, 25 minutes after I wake for the day.. internet goes out. I reset the router as I've been taught by my techie husband. It comes back and no signal. I text Doug at work.. "*pout pout* no internet here." he texts back, "HAHAHAHAHA  us either." LOL

Evidently, a vital piece of equipment got damaged with the bad storm rolling through last night.  After about 5 hours, they got us up and running again. In that time I learned how to use iMovie.

Dun dunna dunnnnn
Presenting my uber talented Trumpet player, Katelyn.
(applause and encouraging comments left for said talented daughter to see later welcomed)

She and her BFF are off at the Skating Rink enjoying their 4 day weekend.
Me.. I'm about ready to tear it up in Zuma Blitz on FB. ;)
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