Friday, September 3, 2010

Summer is almost over.

I can't believe SUMMER is almost over. The pool has been abandoned from swimmers the last two weeks. I've been running around like crazy getting the girls ready for school. We all have new schedules with Samantha starting school this year. That means I'm in bed no later than 11pm and up by 6:03am. I'm still not used to the schedule, but hopefully soon my body will adjust. I never feel like I have enough sleep.

Samantha started Kindergarten this year. You can see photos over on Facebook HERE... but here is one of the funniest ones.

So sassy! She is LOVING school... she is my talker, so the house is pretty quiet. I was worried she would get into loads of trouble with talking, but so far, she's had all green lights for behavior. :)

Katelyn is top dog in Northside Middle school this year since it's her last year there.  She is taking her 3rd year of band, and also just this week picked up Stage Band. We drive her to school twice a week @ 7:10am. She is really loving that, and I'm happy her band teacher Mr. Denton asked her to join. She also has double block Algebra which is a high school class and I believe she gets a credit towards her diploma. That girl is soaring.

Cameron is loving the alone time with me. Some days we talk all day long, and other like this morning, we're glued to our computers working away.

Yesterday we celebrated Doug's birthday, he turned 37! I just realized.. I didn't pull out my camera. *groan*

All the new changes just had me neglecting my blog, and blogs I read. The only one I posted to pretty much was Timeless Daydreams.  The August guest designer was revealed today. I can't wait to see her work with the gorgeous August kit. I'll be uploading my work with it tomorrow.  I think that's a pretty decent update... time just gets away from me... I wonder what it will be like if I live to 80? ;)

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