Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall is near

I know Autumn is knocking on our doorstep around this time because of school portrait time.  Both the girls had their portraits taken this week. This is Samantha's first time taking them for school. She has pictures today and I pray she doesn't pull a funny face like this when it's her turn.

or like this

or even this

I gotta face facts though.. she is my child and prone to lots of silliness!

I can hope for something like this though.

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  1. she is too adorable love it!! love your blog sorry haven't been around to see what you been up too!! love your Right stuff i will be singing that song all day do that dance legs open and swinging back and forth w/my thumbs on my jeans!! lol

  2. So totally adorable! I am so glad I hopped on over to say hello and see what is new. I've been so busy I've missed my bloggity visits!


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