Sunday, October 18, 2009

I am now the mother of a teen.


You blink and thirteen years FLY by.
Birthday Pie
Happy Birthday Katelyn!

We celebrated with a sleepover birthday party yesterday. Her BFF spent the night last night and K had a couple other friends come over for the pizza pies and the dessert pies.
mini pizza pies
The girls made their own english muffin mini pizza pies... they liked it.
mini pizza pies

I spent several hours on Friday making 11 pies. We bought 3 pies at Walmart last week.... 14 pies in total. Can you believe it? We have leftover pie coming out of our ears. I sent a few pies home with my mom yesterday, and everyone had a slice of pie for breakfast. We had apple, cherry, turtle, key lime, oreo, candy crunch, double layer pumpkin, regular pumpkin, strawberry, pecan, and I'm forgetting one. They were all pretty good. So I hear... I haven't actually tasted all of them yet! lol
Pie extravaganza

Love this photo.
Birthday group
See Katelyn's #13 on her shirt... we found that Halloween shirt a couple weeks ago.. how fitting for her to wear it on her milestone into teen-hood.

Oh... these were a huge hit. Their called ghoulish grins or something like that. You mix up an 8oz block of cream cheese, 1/2 cup brown sugar, 1 tsp vanilla extract. Quarter your apples, cut out a lil notch from the red/green side of the apple, and insert the cream cheese filling. Then throw on some slivered almonds to resemble teeth.
ghoulish grins

Hamburger helping K open cards. :)
Birthday Cards

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  1. oh Leah so glad your dd had a nice birthday i love the idea with the apples. my dd just turned 11 and we had a sleepover too she does not eat cake usually so we had ice cream sundaes. :) take care! eva


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