Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The scrappin bug bit me

Thanks to the challenges over @ TallyScrapper, and THAW over at WillowTraders, my scrapping bug is back. It's nice to know it still lurks beneath the surface, waiting to jump when I call on it. ;)

Some layouts over the last two weeks.

Fall Imagination

Her love of Pokemon


Domino a.k.a Snaggletooth

my fav from the last week
My little Firecrackers


i ♥ U

I ♥ U close up

Doug's birthday was on the 2nd last month... totally just now edited a few of them this passed weekend. ;) I'm going to play with this next photo a bit more, we had the lights off with only the candles as our light.

36 this year!

Birthday hugs for dad.
Happy Birthday hugs

Katelyn's birthday is coming up on the 18th this month. She'll be having a sleepover with a couple close friends. I made her invitations this past weekend, but I'm totally embarrassed to show 'em. It seems I'm the only person on the planet with geometric shape problems. :P

My mom and dad spent dang near the whole weekend here. They had a yard sale over here Saturday and Sunday. Katelyn made about $15 from her stuff. Samantha grabbed some of hers and Cameron's toys to put out there and sell... then Doug jumped on the bandwagon too. Looks like we'll be trying again this upcoming weekend if it doesn't rain. No more yard sales on Sunday though, just wasn't worth it! I think we had three people come by the whole day. lol

Want a strawberry? I have the cutest little servers.
Would you like a strawberry?

Cameron thought it would be a good idea to serve a strawberry on a hamburger bun.
Strawberry patties, .25!

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  1. Hey Girl...just love your work...good to see you scrapping again!

    Check my blog....you won the Rusty Pickle giveaway!!!! Congrats!

  2. Well, I'm for one glad the BUG has bit you, I've missed ya girl :) Can you believe our girls are going to be "13"....Yikes ;)


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