Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Samantha!!

Isn't it funny, that after all the years that go by, you can still remember what you bring your children home in clothing-wise? Samantha was bundled up in this amazing little pretty pink dress. While she was in the hospital, her cheeks and face turned bright red because of the scratchy blankies they used in the nursery. Her skin and color were perfect when she was born.

We also had to keep her little hands covered for a week or so after birth, because she would scratch at her face when she was hungry. Such a little demanding darling. If I breathe in deep enough, I can recall how sweet and new she smelled. Now the lil cutie is four!
Turning 4
She insisted on having a Wally cake for her birthday. She even chose the border color for her cake. When I went to the party store to look for balloons, they were out of the larger Wally character balloon. A good thing Doug had asked her what she wanted in case there was no Wally stuff there (we found Wally cups.. lol) and she said anything with Princesses. Well, you know they are usually in abundance, so I had plenty to choose from balloon-wise. I found the cutest little Princess singing balloon. It sang Happy Birthday. Perfect! We ate dinner of homemade mac and ravioli (Sam's request) then we opened up presents before we had cake. This was one of my favorite photos of the night.. just check out that smile. It says it all. (It's a Wally laptop)opening a Wally laptop

My mom almost ruined Samantha's special day. Just thinking of it still pisses me off. To make a long story short... Samantha and Ooxie were on the deck. Sam was trying to pick Ooxie up and Ooxie was trying to get away from her. Oox fell in the pool, Doug rescued her, and Ooxie proceeded to run like a crazy dog all over the place. Oox bounded up the stairs, did a circle around the sunroom, and ran across my mother while she was sitting on the couch. She immediately yelled at Samantha telling her something like, "Now I'm really gonna beat your ass, Sam!! Grandma is mad at you for getting me wet!" Samantha's face fell, she ran into her room and shut herself in her closet crying. Ugh. All this happened while I was out picking up her cake and getting party balloons. To make it worse, my mom was being such a bitch to where when Doug was telling her she shouldn't treat the birthday girl that way, she still would not make up with Samantha. She didn't say she was sorry or anything. I'm still pissed at her and haven't spoke with her since the party. Oh.. and that sweet singing Princess balloon Samantha fell in LOVE with... the balloon that cheered her up after crying for 20 minutes.. yeah. it popped that night. :( Anyway, we're going to take Samantha out this weekend to help make up for some of the UNhappy bits of her birthday. We love you lil one!

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  1. Awwww....happy belated b-day Samantha! Leah, she's such a doll!

  2. OMG she is not a baby anymore!!!

  3. Ugh, so sorry your mom was grouchy with Sam...even if it wasn't her birthday, that attitude is uncalled for. :(

    Hope her 4th birthday was happy...she looks just like an angel! LOVE her precious little voice, too, I think you need to make a Cam & Sam video soon! :)

  4. Hi! I'm sorry to be dropping by like this but I saw that you reported an error on Blogger (in the Blogger groups) and am wondering if it got fixed. I encountered a similar error but it has a different error code and the earliest report made on it was 31 hours ago. I just want to know if they'll fix it and if I just have to wait. No one seems to be replying on the Blogger groups.


  5. hey chickie!i've so missed your blog so need to come check it out more often!somedays (alot) feel like i don't have enough time to do jackshit!!but yes we both need to blog more!!i've been bad once a month!!
    Well sorry to hear about Sam's bday!!looking at her picture opening the gift is pricelss she is beautiful!!
    and Cam omg i remember when he was a baby how big he is gotten!
    enjoy your little peeps!!your a great Mom!!!((Hugs))
    like listening to Ozzy!!ROCK ON!


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