Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!

I DO remember how to sign in. *giggle*

Funny how I can spend time on this computer and NOT make it over here to update.. especially since I DO think about blogging quite often. I guess it's the rebel in me.

IMG_4058 copy

So yeah, happy easter! Isn't Samantha cute peeking from behind the eggs? One of my Favorite shots from egg dyeing yesterday! Here's another cute one.. I have a close up of his messy lil hands to match his messy lil face over @ flickr.
IMG_4068 copy

Miss Katelyn is over at a friends house this morning. My stomach and my heart can't handle she's NOT here Easter morning. I feel a lil sick actually. If Sam W has a birthday party sleepover next year on Easter.. you are not going Miss K... even if she is your BFF. ;o)

I'm thankful for my family.
my hubby
my children
MY bff!
my Iphone. (loveeeeeee it.. lots)

Hope your time with family is wonderful today, and always.

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  1. Those are great photos!! Really glad you had a good Easter! Sorry you were without a young person...I know how bad it makes you feel!

    Love ya' girly!!

  2. Your little whipper-snappers are SO super cute! You know, we didn't do our egg coloring until today...we like to streeetch out the holiday, lol! :)
    Hope you had a happy Easter weekend! {{{squishy hugs}}}


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