Friday, February 6, 2009

random shiny thoughts

How sweet is this background huh?
I decided to see if I could figure out how to make my own this afternoon. I walked away from it twice, but happy with the end result. Thanks for the tips Melissa!

Doug is sick with a head-cold or sinus infection, we're not sure which at this point, but I know 12 hours later, I'm starting to feel 'something' coming on. I'm about ready to curl up in bed with Kahlin and Richard and get lost in a truly cool fantasy world. (Sword of Truth) I weighed in on Thursday, only lost like .2 on the scale... I knew I wouldn't do so hot because I'm not really trying to eat healthy this week. I better get my ass in gear or it will be the same or WORSE next week.

Oh yeah, I have this sudden curiosity with Genealogy lately thanks to Melissa. She has some great news in this department.. we need her to update her blog with the good news. :) Anyways, she found a passenger list from where my grandmother & my mother left Germany and arrived in New York in 1955. Wicked as hell people. I really would love to learn more about researching our lines. I'm suppose to go to my moms tomorrow to see where the genealogy papers my Great Grandfather are that he gave her. The Ruegseggers I believe are linked back to Sweden. So I know I have part Hungarian and Swede running through my blood. ;)

I have three blinkies to make. I had gotten started on two of them last night, then the freakin' power blinked and I lost my work. Now I have to start from scratch again. Maybe I can bang those babies out tomorrow.

Happy Hoppy Friday!
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  1. You do exist!!! I was beginning to wonder where you were hiding!
    :0) .2 is still a loss! Better than nothing!

  2. love the new look!very purty :)
    my dad loves doing the family time line thing!hope all is well missing you xoxo

  3. Wow, you made your own background?? How cool! Looks frikkin' great, too!
    Don't get frustrated with yourself over the weight's a damn roller coaster ride. Very bad to get off in the middle. ;) You can DO this!

  4. Love the "NEW" look girl...I think I need to do the same, just lazy ;) And your doing so good with the weight loss and some loss is better than none at all....keep that chin up girl ;) I so need to get off my ass and do something!!!
    Talk with ya soon!!!

  5. You take beautiful Pictures. Well Done. great Blog!


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