Friday, February 13, 2009

Feels like spring

The last few days here in Virginia have felt like Springtime. We've been going outside most every day except for one day where the wind was gusting up to 60mph. We went and ate lunch with Doug at work. The kids love doing that, but I think Doug likes it more. ;) When we came home and were getting out of the car, I noticed a touch of yellow near the lamp post. Sure enough, it was a flower bloomed. A buttercup? Lovely.
winter fooled you

Samantha, Cameron, and I cut out hearts with my cricut expression today. Man, that sucker is quick cutting out stuff like that. Anyways, we proceeded to color the hearts, stamp on them, add stickers, and glitter those babies up. I believe I'll be wearing glitter for a month. Cameron tipped over the tray we were using to hold the glitter (on purpose, ugh!) and bam. Glitter everywhere!

It was still a little breezy today, making it feel chilly, but outside we went again. Must enjoy the weather while it's nice! Especially since the kids have been cooped up all winter. We had a little bit of static cling going on. ;)
static cling part duex

static cling

Isn't that hysterical? lol

Super shot of Katelyn flying high on the tramp.

trampoline 2
I'm so thankful that our Friday the 13th was uneventful... LJ, thinking of ya babe!

I received my tallyscrapper kit today. OH ME GEE! It's Luscious. Loverly. And it's all mine! YAY.. I get to scrap tomorrow! Happy Hearts day to all!
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  1. omg I love the picture of Sam's hair that is hysterical!!


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