Thursday, May 31, 2007

Is it friday yet??

This is the second day in a row I've used that word -> SHEESH already!!!!!!!
So, I'm eating breakfast and Doug is standing there next to me, then moves over to the coffee pot, and as I'm taking a bite of my cereal, I inhale the smell of nauseating FART.
C'mon man, I'm EATING here!!!!!
AnD he mOVes away so his nose isn't violated with the toxicity of his foulness.
talk about uNFaiR!

Then he gets upset at me when I tell him to just GO to work already... at least I apOLogiZed for my calling you stinky - I had to practically ask for you to apologize to me.
So our day didn't start off that great at all. I still miss you stinky. *snort*
I just have this thing that if you can fart elsewhere, will ya please do it? My nose is sensitive to yucky odors since my last pregnancy, and everyone thinks it's hilarious!! It may be.. but can you at least give me a break while I'm eating? Pretty please? Oh - and when I'm laying on you... :D

Since I'm speaking of butts, my friend Katie was telling us about a butt demon.. so hilarious. Lemme copy/paste it.
  • Let me clarify butt demon. My fav afternoon radio talk show guy is HILARIOUS. He talks about how when he was a kid and would have to go to the basement he would run like hell (you all have been there!) up the stairs in the dark so the butt demon wouldn't catch him. I know, it's WAY funnier when he says it!

Now I'll be thinking of farts n butt demons all day. Maybe D's butt was invaded by a fart demon! BWAHAHAHA

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