Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Sheesh. Took Katelyn to school early this morning for an all day field trip in Appomattox, and came home to Doug having sprayed a zillion ants on our chimney. I imagine after work he'll have to go up on the roof and in the attic to investigate.

Too bad he didn't take photos before he started spraying... he sprayed this ant spray on them, and they just started falling off into a large pile at the base of the chimney.. crazy!

Top of the chimney going down - yes, the black speckles/clumps are the ants.
(click on photos for larger image)

Our trashcan sits directly below the chimney where these photos were taken, so I guess their getting their fill on trash. I despise ants and wild onions, both are to damn hard to get rid of!

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