Thursday, December 28, 2006


I had to reformat my computer -again- seems Wishblade is not compatible with Windows Vista! They (xyron) tell me on the phone yesterday that a new machine is coming out in March 07, so hopefully they will have new drivers/software to support Vista. I loved that Operating System, one of my favorites yet!

We've all been busy playing with our new toys. I finally got to try cutting on my wishblade this morning. I'm so nervous waiting on it to cut, and I did cut my mat a little bit... ugh. I have to make myself play with it some more, or I'll never learn & get used to it! Someone, make this nervous feeling go away!!!

ATM, Katelyn is coloring in her lil sisters Dora coloring book. It's cute & funny. At 10 she still finds joy in playing with the kids toys.... heck, I gotta admit it too - coloring is so much fun!!!! Nice to just sink into the page and watch the swirls of color being applied to the page. Samantha has this little colorbox that holds her colored pencils/crayons. She decided she would take one of my drawers today and put her lil box in it. She has marked her territory.. hilarious!! She gave me the biggest grin, patted the front of the drawer - as if asking if it was ok to leave her stuff there. Who am I to refuse the lil sweetie for wanting to put away her colors?? As long as she stays far away from my chipboard, embellishments, flowers, and ink... we'll be ok!

Speaking of ok... Samantha was pulling her stocking trying to get it off the mantle, and the darn stocking holder crashed down and hit her head. She didn't cry or anything, Katelyn came into the room screaming bloody murder, in tears holding Samantha. She had blood running down her scalp into her face. It stopped bleeding quickly, and looks pretty small. It started to bleed again earlier tonight so if it starts up again we'll go to the ER... and we'll be watching/waking her up every coupla hours to make sure she's ok. Poor kid.


  1. oh your poor baby!!! how scary to hit her head like that. sorry you had to use a new operating system....but glad you got your wishblade out to play!

  2. Isn'y is funny how the other kid does more yelling and screaming!! Happens all the time here, or maybe that is Daddy, LOL!!!


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