Saturday, December 30, 2006

I entered the world of 'reality' again.

Went out to the store yesterday and today to pick up some things while I was out. The traffic was busier than it was at Christmas. It's like all the little buy-it-online hermits decided to grace the world again... or others looking for stuff still clearanced out, or like me, and after 6 days of not entering a store, decided she needed formula, bath soap, and tampons for the upcoming coupla weeks! LOL

Did I say traffic was horrid? Hillary's one in 48 for January is coming up. A ton of my Willow friends will be there this time participating, it's sure to be a blast. I've already signed up for the one in March too (shhhhhhhhhh) ;) The classes are just total fun and give you a bit to think about. I bought printer ink today, enough to last me a month or two depending on how many I print out. I bet it would be cheaper to get them all offline... but I hate the wait! I like being able to print as I go.

Another exciting note, and yes, I will talk about this ALL THE TIME -> But I will be getting my FIRST EVER DT Kit (ahhhhhhhhhh I love it!!) from Scrappy Giraffe come the middle of the January. I'm so STOKED!!!

I'll end with something that makes my heart smile :D

1 comment:

  1. I WANT MY KIT TOO!!!!

    What a cute picture!


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