Thursday, October 26, 2006

NO school yesterday

means more to do today, and yet I don't feel like doing a thing. The basics is fine with me... feed the babies, clean up the trays... feed the babies, feed me, clean up the trays... More sleeping issues with Cam last night.. poor lil guy wet through at 4:10 am and we were up til 9... thank goodness he took a decent nap and that Samantha still takes daily naps... I closed my eyes and napped restlessly a little until lil man got up.... count each and every lil blessing ;)

I feel it. I feel a scrappy design coming on today. I think it's going to rear it scrappy head in altered form!! Maybe a Santa... ooh, or a snowman.. hey a pumpkin... Hmmmm

Let's see what I do!

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