Thursday, April 4, 2013

Remembering Hamburger

This is not a crafty post.. it's one that is photo heavy.
We brought Hamburger home to us when he was just six weeks old.

He was an early birthday present for our sweet six year old, Katelyn. When we brought him home, he looked like he was a SHE... so his original name given to him by Katelyn, was Butterfly. :) 

About a week goes by and we notice SHE is not a SHE.. but a HE.. lol
So, we told Katelyn she needed to come up with a new name for him...
she blurts out.. Hamburger!
I raise my eyebrows and said, Are you sure?? That's an odd name for a kitty... she said YEP!
So his official name was Hamburger Patty Crowe :)

He was always so tolerant of Katelyn's rough handling of him as she learned how to take care of him properly. Never scratched or bit her..

when we moved into our first house (we're still here.. lol) he rushed out the door one day not long after moving in and became an indoor/outdoor cat.  There was always a worry when he took off for hours... would he make it home ok?
Would he be hit? Will animal control pick him up? So many worries... but keeping him in was no longer an option.. he would keep sneaking out when a door opened, so we finally gave up trying to keep him inside.

With the new freedom of roaming the neighborhood, he also took to waiting at the bus stop with Katelyn each morning. I always thought that was the sweetest thing.

He even waited at the bus stop with Samantha & Cameron when they started school.

He would let us dress him up in ridiculous clothes... 
Put him in things like purses, back packs, riding toys outside... 

he was very tolerant. :)
He would bring treats to Katelyn in the summertime in the forms of birds and mice on the driveways near the house... she never liked having to clean the presents up.. haha

He also thought he was King of the Hill around the neighborhood.. which means he came home with his fair share of booboo's over the years.

He was the perfect cat.
Yes, he scratched and kneaded his claws in on our brand new couch 3 years ago.. broke it right in.. could not get him to stop clawing it... in his defense, we believed the salesman when he said a cat's claws could not penetrate the leather.. we're we dumb or what? I think Hamburger took that as a challenge... until we buy new,  I now feel pretty blessed to see his presence in that way in our home now.
This was at Easter two years ago.. we had an egg hunt outside and he was meowing at the screen like, Hey you left me inside, I want ooooutttt! ;)

He would sleep anywhere.. on top of the couch, in the kids closets, under my bed (which was a no-no, hubs is mildly allergic,) car seats, and his most favorite spot.. his mama's lap.
We're going to miss him so much.

and the last pic is a picture of our furry angels that used to be the best of buds..
Hamburger, Weiner, Domino

Watch this blog.. I'll have a giveaway posted in the next week.

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  1. awww he is so cute...the naming of any pet is the hardest LOL we brought home a kitten when my oldest was just about was a boy but she wanted to name him Pocahontas ( you know Disney LOL) as the days went on his name became longer and longer.... in the end his name was cutie and he was much like your Hamburger very tolerant of everything...even getting dressed up!

  2. Awesome tribute Leah!! I especially love the memory book page you made, it is wonderful!

  3. Awwwwwww precious baby.... {{{{hugs}}}}

  4. Thank you for sharing Hamburger's story. I loved reading about him and the photos are so beautiful.
    I hope you have a good weekend
    Hugs Sue xx

  5. omgggggg make me cry! what a wonderful story and you had pics all along the way. I just love this connection. so so sad to see him go. I'm mildly allergic but we've tried 5 cats/kittens... we're currently trying a pug... he'll be the death of me yet!! I loved that purfect layout you did! Beautiful hamburger!! Thanks for sharing your awesome cat with us. We've had Arky, Skooch, Cutie, Fluffy and Juniper. Now we just have George our pug. LOL.

  6. My sympathies to your sweet and caring family at the loss of Hamburger. It was so great to see the love of a family for one of its pets! Take care and have a good day!!

  7. totally weepy reading this post. he was the awesomest cat, wasn't he? love the photos and your little tributes to him. :) i hope he's hanging out with my girl, Miss Ophelia (Miss O) and keeping her company. <3

    sending you all love. xo

  8. HUGS!!! I know I'm so late to commenting here but they pics and the story is so sweet! Your pets have the most awesome names. He was a wonderful part of your family and I love your sweet tribute.


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