Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hurry.. quick!

Our sweet Christy Croll has a fabulous surprise for you all from Tiddly Inks!
I can't wait to spill the beans Tuesday, but until then.. 
You really should go click this link and read all about it.. psst do it! ;)

PS. Thank you for all the prayers for Amanda. She made it as scheduled Wednesday morning and we've been getting re-acquainted with her again. Wish us luck on her finding a job quick like!  :)

Oooh.. and Some Odd Girl is now setting up at CHA-S!!!
SOG's U-stream channel is HERE and FB page is HERE.
Hope your Sunday is fab!

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  1. fabby news, thanks for sharing


  2. Good news about Amanda!!! That's AWESOME!!!


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