Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Speedy coloring video

Good morning!
I'm in for a long day of miscellaneous household chores today. I think I'll be flying back n forth between a deep clean in the master bath and shampooing carpets in the front of the house.  I'll provide free coffee for help! ;-)

This past Saturday, Some Odd Girl had a facebook fan appreciation day. It was so much fun, I met so many new friends and had a blast chatting. I also got to share my first speed coloring video. My first video.. oh boy, there were a lot of speed bumps! I like that the video is relatively short in length, but wonder is 800 fast forward speed too fast? Should I slow it down to 400 or leave it at 800? Hmm, guess I will figure it out if I make more vids!

Now, I was suppose to share my newest Clear Scraps album yesterday, but I will get that up here tomorrow. If you wanna take a quick peek at it, it's up on the Clear Scraps blog here.

Hope your Wednesday is full of awesome sauce!!

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  1. I'll come help clean... if you come help me pack! LOL!!! LOVING the video!!!!

  2. What an awesome video Leah! Your colouring is just amazing..thanks for sharing :)

  3. Now if only we could color that fast in real life - just think how much we could get done! Loved your video and the card.

  4. AWESOME video...great song..

  5. loved the tutorial what colors did you use for the skin i have such issues w/skin!xoxo


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