Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Paper Child fun

Over on Facebook, Some odd girl issued a fun challenge for January. Have you ever heard of a Paper Child? If you click that link you can see examples, but basically it's kind of like a flat stanley without mailing him around the globe.
ex 1 & ex 2 <-- that one cracks me up.

I had colored up two images the other night. Crushin Gwen and Lovie Tobie, and next thing you know, love is in the air. But is Gwen crushing on Tobie or the peanut butter tree??

I know if it were me.. it would be the PB tree... I have a man.. kwim? hehe

Let's see if we can clear things up...
Tobie is no fool, he realized he needed to make his intentions clear!
He used that yummy PB tree as a stepping stool to gain the lovely attention of Gwen.
She still looks pretty smitten... I do believe love is in the air.  :)

I'm going to color some more and see what Samantha and Cameron can think up in the fun of the paper child. :)
Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!!

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  1. lol Cute! Love the green pops on Gwen!!

  2. What a fun challenge! Gwen and Tobie look amazing Leah, love how you've used the candy with them!

  3. Toooooooooooo cute cute cute!! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. Thanks for the smile .... very very cute!


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