Friday, December 2, 2011

Time flies

Afternoon my friends!
Time has got away from me again. I've been out making lots of memories with the family and kids.. it's all good. Let's catch up picture style!

On Thanksgiving we went to my cousins house for dinner. We had a BLAST!
The kids ate a little bit
Played a LOT
This pic is not the greatest.. but I *love* it so much!
My cousin in law Marc was busy giving the kids wedgies on Thanksgiving... I told the kids I would give them $10 to tackle Marc and give him some pay back. It didn't take long for 7 kids to bring him down!!! hehehe New tradition?? ;)
On Black friday we got to watch my baby cousin Gabby all day while we decorated the house inside and out. The hat hung almost as tall as she is.. it looked so cute on her!

Then we had sweet visits with my newest baby cousin, Morgan!
She is such a doll.

It seems like everyday after school and snacks we've been having what Cameron calls, 'Fun time' playing on the Wii! We usually play until I start dinner, or sometimes until after dinner is completed. Then Nov. 30th rolled around and I realize one year as gone by since my Mom unexpectedly passed away.
You never now when your time on this world is up.
Make the most of every day.
hugs your kids and your cousins
your aunts uncles neices nephews and neighbors
GO to the Parade in the freezing cold.
CHERISH your loved ones, your life, and yourself!!
I miss my mom like crazy and I thank God I had the time with her I did.

Now let's see, oh yes.. Cameron had one loose tooth on the bottom of his mouth, but having 'fun time' with Katelyn and wrestling around resulted in him chin butting her melon (head) and him knocking out TWO teeth on the bottom.
After he realized the tooth fairy was coming, he was down with the fact he lost two at once.  Yep.. his first baby teeth are gonzo, and the tooth fairy left him six bucks because of the trauma involved. :) He keeps trying to sneak money to school for snacks. *smh*

Last night, we went to the Vinton Parade.
This is her 4th year playing trumpet and her 1st time Marching in a Parade. The kids were fabulous! The best band there, and I swear I am not being biased. (ok.. just a teeny bit..)
I was going to try and capture them on video with my camera last night, but then decided I wanted to snap some photos first. Major fails.
so I try again like wtheck is going on?
What the?
Then I realize it's on video!!!!
So I switched as fast as I could and got them going away.
I just knew I would mess it up!!
Maybe next year will be better. :)
I loved this bug.. it's so cute!
and these guys on the bikes were cool
and these guy reminded us of Piney from Sons of Anarchy
and this guy.. THIS guy 
makes my husband want his own MC! *smh*
It's a pretty cool motorcycle! I just can't imagine my husband on one. ;-)
My favorite part of the night (besides seeing my gorgeous daughter)
Love it!
Sammycake and Camman loaded up on Candy!
They started handing it to us to put in our coat pockets because both of theirs was jam packed full. We got home and unloaded, and it was a huge bowls worth! Halloween all over again. haha
We saw the firetruck coming with Santa Claus on it, so we knew the end was near. Samantha and Cameron were sooo excited to see Santa!!! I wanted to get a cool shot of him waving to the kids, this guy had other plans.
You can juuuust see a smidge of Santa to the left of him. Right as they went passed us, Santa turned back around and waved to the kids... they loved it and so did I!

Have yourself a Merry Happy Day!!
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  1. Oh my goodness! HOW MANY TIMES have I looked down at my camera and DOH!!!!!! it's on the video setting? My faves are the vids in horizontal format- not sure if I'll ever be able to see any of those but there's a business opportunity if I ever saw one- transferring horizontal vids people took by mistake. These photo are totally heart warming- you guys look so close and what a wonderful gift to have your extended family for the holidays- I would need to fly to Puerto Rico.. maybe next year. Get to scrapping lady! DOOOO EEET! ;)

  2. How FUNNNNNNNNNNN!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeee all the photos and Go Tooth Fairy!! :):):):):):):) And hehehehehehehe to answer your question... I get up at 3AM as its the time I have to myself with no one bothering me while I visit blogs etc :):):):):) And I have to work early too... so getting ready time is in there too :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


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