Sunday, November 3, 2013

Life is flourishing

Seriously, life is FULL right now. I love it.

I am now a Grandma (Mimi)!!!
Reagan Izabella was born on Oct 29 at 10:45 am weighing 7lb 7.7oz.
swoon. I can't wait til I can spend more time with her.

We finally were able to celebrate my 17 year old Katelyn's birthday this weekend. It was wonderful! She has a class ring being made as part of her birthday gift.. can't wait til she gets it.

We have a new room mate (our cousin mark moved in) and are all adjusting to sharing the house with someone other than 'us'. I watch his daughter a couple times each week. Love her to bits!

Halloween was also a blast. My children made out like bandits, and I convinced them to just keep 30 pieces of candy, and we'd donate the rest to Daddy & Mark's work.. then they could have $10 for the book fair. They loved that idea!
Samantha poses for the camera. :)

I will update with some scrappy work tomorrow!!
Hugs n love!

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  1. CONGRATS Grandma!!!!!! She is soooooooo beautiful!! LOVING all the photos!! Looks like you have been busy!!!!!

  2. I can't believe how BIG the littles are getting!! Where has the time gone!? Wasn't your 17 year old JUST turning 10 the other day!? I swear she was. Congratulations on Gramma hood!!


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