Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Photo a day for april

My friend Katie got us all motivated at TallyScrapper to pull out our camera's to follow fatmumslim's instagram photo a day challenge for April. (that's a mouthful! heehee)
I keep thinking to myself I don't take enough photos anymore. I am a scrapbooker - why am I not pulling out my camera like I used to?

I know the importance of losing a loved one unexpectedly.
Why am I being so stubborn?
le sigh.
I am trying not to be too hard on myself.. but I really do need to whip myself into pulling that camera out more frequently.. i digress.

Here are my photos for April 1 - 3
1. reflection
or this one.. i couldn't decide
 Did I mention I am seriously considering chopping off all my hair?
It reaches the middle of my back.. and I despise brushing it anymore.
I want something short and cute with a touch of color like pink or teal or blue!!
am I crazy?

2. color
I love when this tree is in bloom.. it's so pretty!

3. mail
boring.. but as I heard someone say on another persons photo.. it could easily come a time where mail will be all online.. so this photo may mean something some day. :)

One last tidbit.. I'm up over on the ClearScraps blog today.. I would LOVE it
if you hopped over there to leave me some love.

here's a peak at what I created.. it was made for Katelyn's new room.
I'll share the rest of this here soon!!

Have a most beautiful day my friends!
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  1. Loving the photos!! And I think you should try a trim and color first...and then decide about chopping it off!

  2. I don't think your silly for doing some colors in your hair...I just got my nose pierced (at 33) and I am going to do Ombre hair! Mid-life crisis here I come! :)

  3. Your project looks beautiful!

  4. I had exactly the same thing happen to me today with the whole sleep in thing, I woke up at my normal time too, grrr lol. Love seeing your photos, especially your mail box, we don't do that generally over in the UK, we just have a letterbox in our doors, but I love that idea, I want one! Your project looks gorgeous, I have that birdcage die but never know what to do with it, I love that you've done it all marbled and your flower is gorgeous, as are the colours, yummy!


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