Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday!!

Good Friday to you my friends!
Today is the first day of our Spring break, so I happily got to sleep in until around 9.
I did wake up at 5:55 though.. funny because I normally wake around 6 to get the kids off to school. If I wake up again tomorrow like that, I'm staying up. ;)

I have so much to do before Easter gets here!!
We are soooo very last minute on things this year, and it just makes that much more work for me.  Couldn't be helped though!  As soon as I finish writing this I'm hopping in the shower, making a shopping list, and hitting the stores.

I am in the process of working on some things for Clear Scraps right now, so I do not have anything crafty to share today, just my photo a day for April.

4. Someone who makes you happy
my middle child Samantha!
She's such a sweetheart!

5. tiny
So when I snapped this one yesterday, I had like 40 photos sized 2.5 x 3 on my desk, and this one set of smaller photos on a 4x6 sheet.
I got to thinking after I took it.. we have so many Squinkies in this house!!
I could have had my pick over which ones to photograph.. aw well.. ;)

Gah, I need to hurry! I still have to buy eggs, boil them, and let the kids decorate! :)
hugs and Good Friday wishes,
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  1. OMG....SQUINKIES! I have been struggling with what to do for Tiny! I may steal this! My cats love those darn things....we still have to do our easter stuffs too....eggs and I still have to fill baskets!

  2. Cute cute cute photos!! Happy Easter!


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