Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Samantha!!

Happy Birthday to Samantha!!
My little is six years old today.
It's so hard to believe my babies are growing up.
Last night she has her first school concert. My back was all messed up, so I'm thankful for the videos. I'll edit more later, but this song is sooo cute and touched my heart. Especially the children trying to whistle. ;)

Here's the small 4x4 canvas I made for her birthday
It's so true. Samantha finds joy in little things.. she teaches us so much.
Hope your Birthday is the bestest Samantha!!
Mommy loves you!
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  1. Happy Birthday to your daughter! :)
    Your canvas is gorgeous!

  2. Ok wait. Now I am weeping that I did not take that class! Your canvas is precious, and I love that it is personalized in such a pleasant way. Gorgeous! :)


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