Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Onion Envie

I was surfing facebook per normal and saw a status from Scrapbook and Cards talking about an Onion Envelope. I clicked the link, and saw a tutorial on how to create one. Virginia Nebel's are so pretty, I just had to make one for my cousin Shelly. She and her husband Marc had baby Gabby two weeks ago. I can't wait to go see her... it's like different sicknesses/illnesses keep hopping from one Crowe member to the next... I am so ready for spring! lol

Anyways, the directions were clear, and mine came out right on the first try. I am happy. I even added some ribbon to mine to keep it closed. I left the picture adding to Shelly since she's starting to join the world of scrapbooking. :)

Here it is.

I just realized I need to really re-dress this blog. I have halloween dividers here for Pete's sake!! lol
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  1. Awesome onion envelope Leah!

    I hope you enjoyed making it, they do get addictive!

  2. Love the onion envelope. You did a great job.


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