Sunday, January 23, 2011

me me me right now

this was for a challenge on tallyscrapper. the new year is bringing new management, and with it, new scrappers to get to know. the challenge was an 'about me' challenge.. mine took on a turn even i didn't see coming.

Edited to add: I am also submitting this layout to the SIF blog. My friend Christine is re-launching her beautiful challenge site, Scrap it forward. Come check it out.. she has great challenges.

Journaling reads: I'm 34. Born in July. i love liver & onions. I'm married to Doug. He loves me unconditionally. I'm lucky 2 have him. together => we have 3 fabulous, smart, witty, gorgeous children. My mom was my BFF. I lost her 11/30/10 unexpectedly. My heart is like a canyon.. ripped and torn right now... grieving the loss of my only parent. Dark. Trying to smile daily. to keep moving forward. Because whenever i hear/see anyone ask about wHo i am -> i think of my mom. so today 1/23/11. I'm an only child grieving the loss of her mom... and yet, still trying to be a good/great mama to her own younglings. Today... right now I'm sad... yet hopeful.

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  1. big BIG hugs girl!I feel your pain girl its the like a roller-coaster of emotions that you go through...smiling one minute the next you hear see something that reminds you of your Mom and than you feel the pain that you try to bury! i know i go through the days trying to keep myself busy always go go go and i'm okay...than when i stop and i can feel that pain that i am trying to hide but there is no hiding it..when you want to pick up the phone to talk to her tell her about your day or the kids did this funny thing and she is not there to talk to we just now have a new way of communicating with them!! hugs hugs girl!xoxo

  2. Leah this is beautiful! Thanks for playing along at Scrapit forward and aslso for plugging the site! You are a really special gal! Love ya!


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