Friday, January 28, 2011

I have paper issues

Well, it's true... it could be worse.. like crack or something.
Seriously... I was tickled to find an email in my inbox tonight from Cassie over @ Paper Issues.
I was their feature designer over there today.
The star?
My two hearts canvas. ♥swooon♥
wanna check it out? :)
Thank you Paper Issues, you made my night!

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  1. I was so psyched when I saw your canvases on Paper Issues!!! Go Leah!!!!

  2. yes there could be worse things to have "issues" about like crack/vodka/weed/cocaine...paper is good issue ;)
    stunning canvas <3 if u where selling i would be buying!!Congrats xoxo

  3. You are welcome! You typed my name...I don't know why but it still cracks me up that people know who I am. =)
    We heart you!!!

  4. Congrats that's wonderful ! Thanks for coming to the Best Creation blog hop and being so kind about my quilled flowers.


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