Friday, June 4, 2010

Lost layout reveal tutorial

I am no good at coming up with title names... one of the most important blogging tips out there is to make sure your title is good.. you know, cuz of search engines. ah well.. ;)

I can't believe the weekend is here already. The week has flown by.  I'm ready to settle down with Doug tonight and finish up the last three shows of Lost.  We power watched from start to finish in about three weeks time.  The best part of waiting until a show is about to end to start watching it, no waiting and no cliff hangers. :)
I think take out is in order tonight, while eating in bed!

I posted a tutorial on how to crop your layouts using Paint Shop Pro over on the Timeless Daydreams blog today.  Michele will be announcing the new contest coordinator soon! I can't wait to see who it will be.  Oh yes, and if you've never chatted on the forum, there are some really NEAT features. My favorite is being able to connect via facebook. Second is the shout box... and now you can comment on peoples status updates right on the front forum page. So super cool! Come check it out.

The Treasured Scrapbooking reveal was on the 1st.  I've been feeling so cruddy lately, I barely got it uploaded in time... which is why I am late to post here. ;)

Without further ado, my layouts for the June 1st of the month kit reveal.
*Snap Shot*
 My sketch of the month for Treasured Scrapbooking:

My layout based on the sketch
*Push Onward*
Treasured Scrapbooking is looking for NEW card designers and NEW Design Team members.  Since I only served three months (come the end of June) I'm eligible to apply again.  I'm thinking about it and don't have much time left to decide... not sure If I was really inspiring or not. lol Ugh, self doubt is the worst! *bites nails* ;) If you are a card designer, definitely put your application in, if you are a layout designer... move over toots, I may put my ap in too and don't want the competition! (ROFL.. totally kidding.. just ask my hubby, I'm a complete smartass like that.) :)

Have a super fab weekend!!
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  1. beautiful layouts, Can't wait to see what name you come up

  2. Leah, love the snap shot layout so cute with the flowers! nice to see your work. eva

  3. I just love that first layout in particular!! WELL done!!! And your take on the sketch is great!!!

  4. We like to do the power watching also! We started FlashForward this week and discovered we are missing #5! ACK! I really like the sketch and am printing it out to use sometime. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hope you are feeling better!

    The layouts are very cute, I'm gonna check out a few of the links! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Cute layouts! You inspire ME! :)

  7. Great layouts! Love the colors!

  8. absolutely adorable layouts! Love how you show the close-ups!

  9. rockin' pages girl!! love your sketch!!

  10. Your layouts are super! I really love the way you include the close-ups!

  11. your pages are so bright and colorful and funky! i love them!!

  12. Leah I am new to treasuredscrapbooking but I am here now and i am so glad I found it. Your layouts are amazing. I love your photography as well. Cannot wait to see more of your work. Hugs Tracy


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