Sunday, April 25, 2010

I am up to my ears in DT work right now, it's so much fun, yet makes me nervous because I want each page 'to be good' or better yet 'inspiring'.. sometimes I'm too hard on myself.  Speaking of scrappy work.. I have news to share.. as soon as I get the go ahead, I'll be posting here. :) I'm super happy.

Yesterday Doug and I put new brakes on his car, went to moms house for dinner, and snuck away to Bruster's to eat icecream and watch the rain fall... the last part was my favorite. We also hit Michael's and I picked up a set of blades for my cricut, some cricut pens, cheap black cardstock (why can't they carry plain ol happy black Bazzill dang it?) paintbrushes, $1 journals for the kids, and foam brushes. A sweetheart behind me in line handed me a coupon.. totally unexpected. Love the generosity of a stranger, she saved me $6. :)

I've started using igoogle as my blog reader since news is that Bloglines will be going out of business soon.  Happily, I'm getting used to it and was able to import my feeds with an opml file. yay!

Random photos, and happy Sunday to you!
More in the slideshow below. :)

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