Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hold your pen right!!

I've been repeating this statement a lot the last few days... It turns out, Cameron is a lefty. I mean, we always KNEW.. ever since he was a young toddler, he would grab to color with his left hand... and eat with his right. Everyone else in the house is a righty. I'm having a hard time teaching him how to hold the pen correctly.
Anybody out there left handed that could give me some pointers?
I could always try googling.. just haven't yet.
The worksheets I printed out for them came from here... You can type anything you want.. I also made them their own worksheets with their full names. 
 (She said she was trying to write with her eyes closed!)
They love tracing the shapes, and have really jumped into it this week.

IN other fantastically smashingly COOL jump up and down and holla' news....
Timeless Daydreams asked me to be their Design Team Coordinator, at least for the next three months!
I really am so excited!! They create gorgeous shabby chic kits... their heaven in your hand.
They also created a new blog here. Get the word out... once they reach 50 followers on the blog, they'll do a giveaway! Leave a comment there and let Dolores & Michele know I sent ya. (ok.. that parts not required.. but it's fun, and only takes a second.)

Off to make lunch.. oh, and the lovely frames came from CoffeeShop.. they also have free actions! Just love 'em!

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