Sunday, March 28, 2010

Imma Be

SO loving this song.

Imma be livin' that gooooood life.
Life is really good.
My kids are picking up better which means I'm not tripping over toys on my way to tuck them into bed. I'm pulling fewer stickers off the bottoms of our socks when it's time for laundry. (huge!!!) They like to scrapbook too... 
I've been given the opportunity to work with Taryn's amazing kits from Top Shelf Memories.
Check out the DT blinkie.. isn't it cute? I created it yesterday.
Top Shelf Memories

So excited for the 1st to roll around so I can show off my layouts from the kit.
Here's a sneaky peak of a couple.
Beautiful colors.. perfect for spring, girls, softness... love love love!
Oh... yeeeps! I have some more big news coming soon. I'm really ecstatic!

I took Katelyn & Samantha to get their hair cut this evening... Katelyn got hers thinned out... she has massive thick long hair. They took about 1.5 inches off the length which pleased her. Sammiecakes is bouncing around like a lil mexican jumping bean.. so she's happy... and the boys were downstairs adding drywall to K's new room.  It's coming along!! Oh yes, and Doug grilled for dinner. First grill of the season, and oh so yummy.

Here's the last layout for the Treasured WLOM challenge.
Aren't the colors so summery? love that analogous color scheme.
and there are first for everything... my first pinwheels. :)

Life is goood. That's my mantra, even when car batteries are dead and it takes ALL Saturday to get the car in top notch shape again ;)

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